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Lots of new and exciting groups are taking place throughout the year at QCTC.  Check them out below!!!!


The summer club at the QCTC for both girls and boys ages 6-12 living with a physical disability is run through the months of July and August.  In the PT gym, the group works on balance, coordination and strengthening programming.  The group also incorporates life skills and activities of daily living with OT.  They enjoy swimming at the CFB Trenton RecPlex to work on strengthening goals and dressing skills before and after, menu and meal preparation, money management through mall trips, self-care fine motor tasks such as tying shoes, learning addresses and phone calls.

The past summer the group organized "The Friendship Cafe" which accomplished many of their goals including creating a menu and food preparation (cutting and baking), typing and creating signs for the Cafe as well as money and counting skills.  The group raised enough money to donate a new basketball net for the centre as well had funds for an outing on the public bus to the mall and to purchase a small item of their own.

TEEN GROUP                                      

The Teen Group at the QCTC allows for teens ages 13-16 with physical disability to come together to explore every day topics while having fun.  The group provides an opportunity for teens to have positive social interaction, learn life skills and activities of daily living, promote healthy self-esteem and lifestyle.  Topics addressed during Teen Group included recreation, self-care, food preparation, communication skills, and community use.

The Teen Group have planned and prepared meals, planned various outings in the community (swimming and going to the movies), accessed various means of public accessible transportation and gaining volunteer experience through QCTC events.  We are always looking for more participants!!

The Teen Group typically meets once a month during PA Day afternoons during the school year.  The group is organized by Alicia, OT along with volunteer assistants.  If you would like more information, please contact the QCTC.