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Augmentative Communication

The Augmentative Communication Program at the Quinte Children's Treatment Centre provides assessment, treatment and consultation for children who have difficulty speaking or writing and who would benefit from low tech/no tech assistance (i.e. using eye gaze to make a choice from two objects or pictuers, using pointing or gestures to indicate a want or need, using picture communication boards to communicate what they did at school today, using a tape recorder to record answers to test questions when they are unable to write, using computers to complete written work when no special adaptations (hardware or software) are required.  The program also assists those who require specific skill development to allow them to better access a high tech device such as a multi level voice output system.  The clinic at QCTC provides access to limited Assistive Devices Program funding for low tech devices for individuals who qualify.  The ACS program at Quinte Children's Treatment Centre includes Speech Language Pathologists, Communications Disorders Assistant and Occupational Therapists.

The Quinte Children's Treatment Centre works closely with the Augmentative Communication Service of the Child Development Centre (CDC) at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston to assist children and youth with communication challenges to meet their maximum potential.  The CDC is an ADP (Ministry of Health's Assistive Devices Program) "Expanded High Tech Clinic" and thus are able to prescribe high tech devices such as multi level voice output systems and computers with specialized hardware or software determine what funding is available to those who qualify.

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