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Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) in our Preschool Speech and Language program screen, assess, identify and treat speech, language, voice, fluency (stuttering), listening, and social communication concerns in children from birth to 5 years old. Communication Disorder Assistants (CDAs) play an important role in providing treatment services under the supervision of Speech-Language Pathologists.


Our approach to treatment is built on the principle that parents / caregivers are the main teachers of their child’s speech and language development. 

Treatment can be offered through a variety of avenues including groups, all with a focus on teaching parents and caregivers how to promote skills on a daily basis, not just while at therapy. 


Preschool children with ONLY speech and language concerns, can be referred by parent(s)/guardian, any other agency or school can refer, but must have parent/guardian sign the bottom portion of the referral form or submit with a signed consent from parent or legal guardian.  Please note:  We only accept PSL referrals up to the end of June of their JK year.



* If a child requires speech along with Occupational and/or Physiotherapy services a referral must come from a physician.  Speech ONLY see above.


Referral Form  or fill in our Online Contact Us Referral (we will contact you for more information)

Referrals can be faxed to: 613-961-2529.

For referral information call 613-969-7400 x 2264


Helpful resources to determine your child's speech needs and/or while you wait for speech services.  Click here