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Mission and Values


All children and their families reaching their potential and participating as fully as possible in the life of our community.


To provide a range of rehabilitation services and programs to children and youth with multiple disabilities, residing in Hastings and Prince Edward Coutnies.  Each child is viewed as part of a larger network, with home, school, hospital and community partnering to establish goals and produce change.  Our centre will serve as a primary resource for information and advocacy in our community.


We are committed to a family-centered model of care which involves parents and caregivers, as well as the child in all aspects of decision making.

We believe in a flexible, multidisciplinary approach to intervention which meets the changing physical, cognitive, and emotional needs of children as they grow from infancy to young adulthood. 

We endeavour to provide timely intervention which is accessible to all our clients.

We value successful, cooperative partnerships in our community and will continue to promote these linkages.

We will endeavour to attract and maintain a high quality health care team by providing opportunities for education and research.

Affiliated with EKO.   Click to learn more about EKO