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Children with medical, physical and developmental delay often have unique learning issues that can affect their schooling experiences and therapy.

The QCTC Psychometrist provides comprehensive assessments of QCTC Clients from 2 to 18 to identify individual strengths and challenges and to develop learning stragegies to assist them in being successful.

The QCTC Psychometrist also offers the following services/assistance:

♦     Screens new clients from 2 to 5 years old with developmental issues
♦     Interprets psychological reports for parents and therapists
♦     Observes clients in natural environments such as home, daycare and school
♦     Meets with parents to discuss learning strategies and needs
♦     Discusses approaches to management of specific learning, developmental and behaviour disabilities in 
♦     Acts as a liaison with the consulting Psychologist
♦     Makes referrals to other agencies
♦     Promotoes and assists with School Advocacy
♦     Community Consultation and Liaison

Referrals are only accepted within the centre.  A QCTC therapist can initiate an inter-department referral. 

The center's Psychometrist has a Masters Degree in Child Development.  Consultation is available to the Psychometrist from a clinical psychologist.