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Social Work

All Canadian Families experience many day-to-day obstacles and stressors associated with parenting.  Having a child with special needs presents unique challenges to each family member and the family unit as a whole.  While each family's capacity to cope differs, families of children with special needs may benefit from the support of a social worker.  The QCTC social worker offers the following services / assistance.

•   Home visits
•   Psychosocial Assessments
•   Bereavement and Grief Counselling
•   Crisis Intervention Counselling
•   Individual Therapy
•   Family Therapy
•   Group Therapy
•   Referrals to Other Agencies / Linking Families with Community Resources
•   Advocacy
•   Community Consultation and Liaison
•   Assistance with Funding Applications

Children and young adults with special needs may require support as they move toward independence.  A Social Worker can assist with identifying resources and setting goals.

The Centre's registered Social Worker maintains a professional, ethical and safe practice that meets the standards outlined by the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

Only clients of the QCTC can access social work services.

Clients of the centre can self-refer or contact your QCTC therapist to request a referral

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