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Seating and Mobility

The Seating & Mobility Clinic provides children/youth with options for wheelchairs, seating and other mobility aids.  This includes manual and power wheelchairs and stroller systems as well as pre-fabricated and custom made seating systems.  The centre respects the right of each family to choose the vendor they wish to be involved in the determination of the best equipment options and such vendors work as part of the child's team.  When custom seating is required, a custom seating technician attends the seating and mobility clinic to work with the Occupational Therapsit to assist with fabricating custom items that are specific to the child's individual seating and mobility needs.  For example, this may include custom molded seating systems when a child has significant orthopedic issues that can not be supported in a regular or pre-fabricated seating system.

Seating and Mobility Clinic appointments are typically scheduled every other Thursday of each month or by individual appointments.