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SmartStart Hub: Connecting Families with Child & Youth Development Services

Is your child or youth developing the skills they need:  to participate in self-care tasks and family activities;  to have fun and make friends; be physically fit and on track for your and their future hopes and dreams?

If not and not sure where to go? Let us help you! The SmartStart Hub at Quinte Children’s Treatment Centre is a clear entry point to service for families and caregivers in our community who are concerned about their child/youth’s development, and their day- to- day functioning related to development.


What is the SmartStart Hub? 

If you are not sure if your child is developing as they should, are not sure what services could help and/or how to get connected to those services, the SmartStart Hub can help guide you.

Parents and guardians may be worried about your child's ability to:

  • Move around, sit, crawl, walk so they can have fun, make friends,
  • Use their arms and hands in play or other activities
  • Talk so that family, peers and others are able to understand them:
  • Understand what others are saying to them, such as following instructions.
  • Play with toys appropriately, play with peers and/or get along with others;
  • Engage in age appropriate behaviors;
  • Developing skills in completing every day self-care activities like dressing, eating, bathing etc.

By connecting with the SmartStart Hub, our Service Navigators can discuss with you, the strengths and needs of your child and your family and connect you to the services you need.  Some of those services will be delivered by the centre while others may be provided through community partners across Hastings and Prince Edward Counties

Do you have to come through the SmartStart Hub to obtain services? 

No, the SmartStart Hub is for those who are not sure where to call but if you are already connected to the services you need or know where to call, go ahead and make those calls. We are here to help if you are not sure.  Other children’s services may also assist you with connecting to the services you need, in which case, you don’t need to call us unless there are still needs that you have.

Who is eligible?  Children and youth birth to age 18 or 21 if they are still in school and who reside in Hastings or Prince Edward County. No diagnosis is required.

To obtain help through the SmartStart Hub, please call our Intake line at:

613-969-7400 Ext 2264 and we will collect needed information to start the process and connect you with one of our Service Navigators.